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Five Strong Women: Leanne Moden, A.R.I.A, Robyn Kaur Sidhu, Courtney Kiolbassa and Mahek Jangda share their spoken word pieces, their story and …

Navigating Life

Ever felt like you're drowning in responsibilities while striving your best to be the greatest you can be, then wonder if your efforts are even worth it?
I go through that everyday. As a …

MUSH (Tough Love Pt 2)

Part Two of Tough Love. We go deeper into Domestic Violence as it relates the children in the family. Are our African parents depressed? How do we …

Tough Love

Tough Love is a true life story of Aalia Lanius who authored it. Read it and find out how Aalia got out of an abusive relationship while fighting cancer. Aalia's optimism and will is …

The Orphan's Code

C.R.R. Hillin discusses her amazing debut fantasy book, The Orphan's code, the world of publishing, and her trials as a female autistic writer. Cat is so much fun to chat with! Oh and …

Think Like A Man

Hilarious and fun filled episode with JD Shapiro. We discuss his experience as a writer, working with late comic book legend Stan Lee and his new book, Think Like A Man.

Never Say I Can't

Jason David Frank, famously known as The Green Ranger in the Mighty Murphin Power Rangers, takes us on an amazing journey from before catching the media's eyes as the longest power ranger …


Deeply emotional piece by Project, 10.10.12 explores the what ifs and what haves in the modern time where bullying is a rising cause of suicide in …


Cynthia Amoah, originally from Ghana speaks with her powerful spoken word piece, "Honam" meaning skin. We talk about the concept of colorism and how …

Can I Kiss You

Welcome Welcome to Episode One of Season Two! On this episode we talk about sexual harassment and the culture of respect with American educator, …


To round off such an amazing and thought provoking season, I bring you the mistakes, funny moments, call drops and everything that got cut out during the post production.
Great reviews from …


It's the 1970s and a rising star in London, Ralph, is approached by renowned novelist Edmund Greenslay to score a stage adaptation of his most famous work.

Through Edmund's house, Ralph sees …

Perfect Love

Onome is unhappily married to Temi and after six years of marriage, she bumps into her ex-boyfriend (the love of her life) and now she can't get him …

A Touch Of Gold

Just Don't Give Up!

Debut author, Annie Sullivan, takes us deep with her amazing book, a touch of gold, inspired by the myth of King Midas and his …

The Flicker Of Old Dreams

Mary Crampton has lived all of her thirty years in a small Western town called Petroleum. She watches as the town slowly dies after the tragedy …

Please Stay/ Dirt in the Dust

Love lost, abuse and forgiveness. Please stay delves deep into the common rift between fathers and sons. Join the conversation with founder of bymepoetry, Susan Llewelyn.

Secrets, Scandal, …

Forgiveness/Happy Place

The world is a cruel and unfair place. Rachel Hall is determined to make sure we retain kindness and love for one another with her piece, Forgiveness.
It is more for you than whoever …

Outro/ If I Would Have Waited

Sam Olayemi asks a thought provoking question with his amazing piece, OUTRO.
"Anyone who is sexually abused is instructed to 'speak up' to get justice, but what happens when the abused is …


Rolling tires, gasoline and a match stick... All that's left is for someone to scream "thief" at an innocent/guilty soul before they are set to …


Sophia Griffin shares a piece, "Three", that talks about family and important connections.
Join the conversation as we discuss love lost maybes and better days.

Black Man/ D-D-Donnie

In this two in one episode SPECIAL, we are joined by two up and coming artistes, Trina and Gemini. Both ladies share pieces close to their hearts. Trina and I discuss Trap music and social …

A Life For A Life

Mel takes us through her self discovery journey having survived an abusive relationship with two children for her abuser.
Her daughter barely born saved her life.

It Hurts To Grow

Ari Safari in her moving piece, "It Hurts To Grow" expresses the hardship and triumphs she faces while growing up.


Heartaches and Heartbreaks. Going forward or staying back. Jared and I have a go at our experiences with the matters of the heart.

Eyes of Truth/ Pupils of Reality

Felice Mathieu teaches the ways men and women hurt each other in relationships and what a good man and woman should do.

When You Say You Love Her

What does it mean to fall in Love. You ever been in Love? Does it Hurt?
Kevin Bateman from Ireland discusses how he met his mystery woman.


Omoh, Nene and I discuss the "Friend zone". The unpopular zone that seems to get most of us swept up. Maybe, just maybe, there's a way out.

Hurricane Ellie

Jen Leahy from the North of England shares a very special piece dedicated to her little girl, Ellie.

She's Just A Friend

Join the crazy fun discussion with Chizi on another episode of the podcast, "She's Just A Friend". We want to figure the secret of the "Just Friends" in a relationship. Are they really Just …

Dear Fake Friend

There are those people who are never there for you. They just pretend to be.
On this episode I talk about friendship with an amazing funny friend of mine, Ramsey Umeh.

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