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20 minutes

It's the 1970s and a rising star in London, Ralph, is approached by renowned novelist Edmund Greenslay to score a stage adaptation of his most famous work.

Through Edmund's house, Ralph sees Daphne, Edmund's 9 year old daughter and from that moment he's obsessed with her.
He showers her with affection, gifts and secret notes, though Ralph is 25 and Daphne is a child.
When Ralph accompanies Daphne alone to meet her parents in Greece, their relationship intensifies.

Decades later, Daphne is back in London and recollections of her youth lead to a hurtful realization that makes her confront Ralph about their years spent together.

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Sofka Zinovieff discusses her latest book, Putney, exposing the uncomfortable realization of love(maybe), consent, abuse and the grey areas.


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